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Are you Aware ?


Are you aware of Agroforesty and the various types of it? What is Alleopathy ?-UPSC MAINS question 2016 What is Allelospoly ? What is a protein bank and what are woody hedgerows ? What is Taungya system ? If not, do read the comprehensive yet to-the-point coverage of Agroforestry along with policy direction and loopholes. Click here to read  Do you know :- Coelho Case ? -UPSC MAINS 2016 What is the blackhole in our constitution ? What is the golden traingle of Indian democracy ? Which case is considered as "Indian Constitution of the future" ? Click here to find out. [...]

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Society – The need for Police Reform !!!


In a recent article in an American newspaper, the doyen among police scholars, Prof. David Bayley, expressed his anguish over what he considered to be a crisis in U.S. law enforcement. In his view this was caused mainly by three factors: race, police training and guns. There was an undeniable need for reform, but the prospects for this happening were bleak because of a multitude of factors, including the size of police forces, lack of political and community support. […]

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PDF of Posts can be downloaded Now !!!


Dear All, Kindly note that you can PRINT of download PDF of our articles now. It is available at the end of each article. Thank You UPSCTREE

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Science – China’s Quantum breakthrough, India and a Paradox !!!


Note- Few parts of the article are little scientific in nature and may be little hard to understand, nevertheless for the purpose of simplicity, we have highlighted the important parts and that is what matters from civil service exam standpoint. China has achieved the first successful teleportation of a photon into space, emerging a leader in science and technology. India needs an indomitable focus and execution to achieve a feat such as this, or even more. […]

Science – China’s Quantum breakthrough, India and a Paradox !!!2017-07-17T10:38:08+05:30