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Strategy to Secure a Rank-“Atto Deepo Bhava !!!”


Dear All, We have received few mails from aspirants on strategy, preparation and general doubts and through this article, we are trying to answer them and hope to clear your doubts. Question-Sir, I have been reading almost all strategies but at the end could not figure out what to do exactly or how to tune them and adopt them for my preparation ? […]

Strategy to Secure a Rank-“Atto Deepo Bhava !!!”2017-07-15T16:27:13+05:30

Agriculture-Agroforestry-Comprehensive Coverage !!!


Agro & social forestry have been traditionally practiced in India. Policy inclusion of agro & social forestry have not however brought in desired results. The article examines how agro & social forestry can be revisited and norms revised to make it more sustainable and meaningful. […]

Agriculture-Agroforestry-Comprehensive Coverage !!!2017-07-15T16:15:22+05:30

Environment-Clive Wilkinson Report on Coral Bleaching !!!


The coral bleaching phenomenon:- The beautiful coral reefs surrounded by blue tropical seas are not just coloured rocks but are thriving ecosystems with live corals that attach their skeletons to rocks and live there. The colours indicate the presence of single-celled algae-like zooxanthellae within their tissues that provide them with the essential nutrients through photosynthesis and in turn, the corals provide them with the required carbon dioxide and ammonium (NOAA, 2017) Even though reefs cover only a tiny area of the oceans (less than 0.1 per cent) they support the survival of almost a quarter of the marine creatures and over 500 million [...]

Environment-Clive Wilkinson Report on Coral Bleaching !!!2017-07-15T07:20:58+05:30