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Geography-Exclusive Economic Zone of India !!!


According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), an international agreement in force since 1994 regarding international activity in the world’s oceans, Article 55 of the document defines the legal regime of the Exclusive Economic Zone. […]

Geography-Exclusive Economic Zone of India !!!2017-06-28T07:27:06+05:30

Science -The earth like planets !!!


Launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2009, the Kepler telescope, named after the astronomer Johannes Kepler, is a telescope aboard a space observatory in a heliocentric orbit trailing Earth. With a much higher field of vision than the Hubble telescope, the telescope is designed to survey a portion of the Milky Way with the specific objective of determining the properties of planets beyond the Solar System. […]

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Update-All India Open Essay Test !!! (It is inspiring)


Dear All, Thank you for registering and participating in the Open Essay Test. If you have not submitted yet, you can submit your essays as soon as you finish them. Needless to say, we are very much delighted by seeing such a huge volume of essay submission. As we go through the essays, many essays are remarkable and well-written, many essays have excellent aesthetic appeal and many are great in content. Nothing makes a us happy than to see the "efforts" among the aspirants. It gives us energy to break the barriers of performance. We are very much HAPPY to see [...]

Update-All India Open Essay Test !!! (It is inspiring)2017-06-28T16:55:19+05:30

Geography-The Sargasso Sea – a unique ecosystem !!!


Located in the area marked under the fabled ‘Bermuda Triangle’, the Sargasso Sea located within the North Atlantic Ocean is the only sea in the world that does not have a land boundary. Unlike other seas, its location is defined using ocean currents. It lies within a large system of rotating ocean currents called the Northern Atlantic Subtropical Gyre. […]

Geography-The Sargasso Sea – a unique ecosystem !!!2017-06-22T01:27:13+05:30

Geography-Saline Water Ingression in India !!!


For people living in coastal areas rivers and lakes are not ubiquitously available. They thus depend on groundwater for their needs, which leads to probabilities of saline water ingression. Groundwater close to the coast can be easily laden with salt, especially when the equilibrium between coastal aquifers and sea water is disturbed. […]

Geography-Saline Water Ingression in India !!!2017-06-22T01:21:31+05:30

Clarification For Students!!!


*This communication is only for students who are already part of our test series. After receiving review of your essay paper or mains paper, if you need personal counsel over phone- - that can be arranged and no need to worry on that. Just drop a mail with the request and we will arrange it for you. You can ask any doubts or queries that you may have over phone. The queries are not necessarily restricted to your answer writing, you can also seek guidance on any other matter which you think we may be able to help. We are here [...]

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Update- All India Open Essay Test Series !!!


Dear All, We have started receiving the essay copies. If you have registered for the open test and yet to send your answer copy, please do send at the earliest. Last date for submission is 28th June 2017. We will be starting the review process from tomorrow on-wards, so students can expect to get their reviewed copies from day-after-tomorrow. The idea of this initiative is to break the "initial hesitation" of writing among students and we have put in a lot of effort to see this initiative through. To provide 3-4 page review along with personal counsel for so many students [...]

Update- All India Open Essay Test Series !!!2017-06-26T16:58:30+05:30

Geography-Water Retention in Soil !!!


Water retention in soil can be understood as the water retained by the soil after it runs through the soil pores to join water bodies such as groundwater or surface streams. Pores in the soil can be defined as the air-spaces that exist in between soil particles. […]

Geography-Water Retention in Soil !!!2017-06-22T01:06:28+05:30



Dear All, As you embark on writing the essays, here are links to few quotes that can come in handy in case you want to use them in your essays. Quotes - Part 1 Quotes - Part 2 Quotes-Part 3 Use them as you see fit. Thank You UPSCTREE

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