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Issued in Public Interest – Baahubali – Decoding The Language Of The Kalakeya Tribe !!!


Note:- This might not be beneficial for UPSC preparation, but they may ask a question or two in UPSC interview (Which is very unlikely though). Before publishing this article – we had a debate, deliberation and discussion between UPSCTREE core members whether to publish it or not and whether it is at all be beneficial. The effect of cinema on Indian society has been a topic repeatedly asked by UPSC in Mains and Essay papers, and last year UPSC asked a prelims question related to Films- The Man who knew infinity. Although, we are unsure of its benefits, we are [...]

Issued in Public Interest – Baahubali – Decoding The Language Of The Kalakeya Tribe !!!2017-04-28T21:37:59+05:30

Society-Caesaropapism and Judiciopapism !!!


A while back, the Supreme Court declared that it would hear a public interest litigation (PIL) on whether women of menstrual age can be denied the right to enter the Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala, Kerala. The bench, in its observation to the Kerala government and the temple authorities, remarked that “unless >you have a constitutional right, you cannot prohibit entry [to women].” […]

Society-Caesaropapism and Judiciopapism !!!2017-04-25T19:12:37+05:30

Communique- Deglobalization !!!


A while back, before the Economic Survey was published , we gave a topic in our Essay Test Series - "Is globalization is digging it's own grave in the form of de-globalization?". When we gave this topic, we had a strong instinct that, this theme is important for this year and to our surprise our instinct  is resonated well in economic survey. The survey writes- Political Carrying Capacity of the West If as T.S. Eliot said that humankind cannot bear too much reality, recent events suggest that the world cannot bear too much globalization either. and then it goes on to answer the [...]

Communique- Deglobalization !!!2017-04-24T13:50:43+05:30

Society-Water !!!


Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water. Facts About Water & Sanitation […]

Society-Water !!!2017-04-24T05:28:34+05:30

Society-Social Inequality -Thatcher, Reagan and Robin Hood !!!


Persistently high rates of income or wealth inequality are bad for social cohesion, political inclusion and crime. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Often, stubbornly high income inequality partly reflects deep historical injustice. Fortunately, history also provides some clues to how we might tackle it. […]

Society-Social Inequality -Thatcher, Reagan and Robin Hood !!!2017-04-23T23:47:46+05:30
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