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Nation Watch – India @ 70 !!!


Background – Excerpts of speech delivered by the President on the occasion of the 6TH K.S. Rajamony Memorial Lecture March 2, 2017 Kochi. *Contains important datasets and statements which can be used to enrich your answers. […]

Nation Watch – India @ 70 !!!2017-03-04T21:57:44+05:30

Society Watch – Is India winning the war against open defecation?


Barely noticed and mostly ignored by the chatterati, a silent sanitation revolution appears to be underway in rural West Bengal, Rajasthan and to some extent in Madhya Pradesh. It appears that we may finally be turning a corner in our war against open defecation. Roughly half of India’s population- about 600 million-relieve themselves outdoors, a serious risk to health, resulting in illness and deaths of thousands of infants every year. […]

Society Watch – Is India winning the war against open defecation?2017-03-04T17:55:08+05:30