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Geopolitics Watch – Massacre in Sehwan !!!


The horrific suicide attack at a Sufi shrine in Sehwan in Pakistan’s Sindh province that killed at least 80 people, underscores fears about the Islamic State gaining strength in the country. A suicide bomber blew himself up at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, among the most venerated of Sufi saints. […]

Geopolitics Watch – Massacre in Sehwan !!!2017-02-18T12:39:37+05:30

#Yojana Nector – North-East India- Challenges & Solution !!!(Apr 2016)


Yojana Nector is an initiative where we are trying to filter out Yojana magazine and give you the “cream” or “nector” of the whole magazine.The idea is to give you something, that you can retain, internalize and put in the exam papers. What we essentially pick is – the critical aspects and most important datasets along with statements that can add value to your answer. It has varied range of utility as far as UPSC exams are concerned. Use it wisely and Don’t forget to revise. […]

#Yojana Nector – North-East India- Challenges & Solution !!!(Apr 2016)2017-02-18T12:06:00+05:30

Science Watch – A Crazy New Concept – Vertical Forest


Deforestation and pollution have become a serious trouble and are even more of a concern in big cities with the air quality being constantly deteriorated by the fumes from vehicles and industries. And while the pollution is increasing, the green cover required to combat is decreasing, mainly to clear space for human settlement. Hence, our cities are turning into concrete jungles with the quality of air decreasing, thus increasing the chance of a variety of diseases. To combat this a new idea has been developed by builders and architects around the world, Vertical Forest or a Treescraper! It consists of [...]

Science Watch – A Crazy New Concept – Vertical Forest2017-02-17T14:38:08+05:30