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Society Watch:- Can Organic Farming Feed us All !!!


Note :- The question was given as part of our Mains test series, and the editor can be helpful and give some insight in to it. Mains test series question- Recently “organic farming” has become“rhetoric” rather than a “practice”. Discuss its relevance and potential in India. Do you really think we can feed more than 1 billion populations through organic farming? The approach should be :- Discuss briefly what organic farming is. Then discuss can it will be able to feed the population of the world and particularly of India. Base your arguments in short term immediate gain from non-organic [...]

Society Watch:- Can Organic Farming Feed us All !!!2017-02-14T01:35:31+05:30

Geopolitics Watch- BRICS – Takeaway !!!


Disclaimer :-Please note down the important points and institutions such as BRICS Rating Agency,BRICS Infrastructure Project Development Facility,BRICS Standardisation Research Platform etc that can be helpful to accentuate your answer in exam. Last year at Ufa, Russia, while addressing the BRICS Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had outlined a 10-point agenda for the future of the bloc. These initiatives were aimed at fortifying the evolving relationship amongst the member states and offering new institutional platforms for scientists, researchers, sportspersons, artists, technocrats and businesses to come together and work collaboratively. As we look back, we are gladdened by the results. [...]

Geopolitics Watch- BRICS – Takeaway !!!2017-02-14T01:35:38+05:30

Geopolitics Watch-Redefining India’s foreign policy!!!


The BRICS-BIMSTEC meeting in Goa this month, that immediately followed the annual India-Russia Summit (also in Goa), capped months of hectic diplomatic activity, during which India pursued a robust, even aggressive, foreign policy. By and large, such activism has served India well — the most evident being the furthering of relations between India and the United States. Given the several changes in direction — and departures from past policies and practices — taking place, there is perhaps scope to debate whether this amounts to a redefining of India’s foreign policy. […]

Geopolitics Watch-Redefining India’s foreign policy!!!2017-02-14T01:35:58+05:30

Important Quotes for Mains – Part II


This is furtherance to our previous article on – Important quotes For MAINS !!! Important quotes for Mains , can be used for GS and Essay paper. […]

Important Quotes for Mains – Part II2017-02-14T01:39:20+05:30

UTM08 Live Now !!!


Dear Students, The UTM08 Mains Test series is live now in your portal. UTM09 was already live since last week. We are done with sectional tests, there are only 4 more tests left which are MOCK tests, commencing from next week. Questions can be found here :- Click Here

UTM08 Live Now !!!2016-10-25T14:08:42+05:30