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Daily Current Events – 15 June 2016


A simulation of early human migration using current topographical data:- *Not much use of this piece of article except to understand demographic diffusion.If demographic diffusion is part of your optional/syllabus, this can come in handy to cite the study to make it relevant in contemporary terms.Thus read this only if needed. […]

Daily Current Events – 15 June 20162016-06-15T12:00:19+05:30

Environment Watch – Preparing Indian cities for high water


If governments paid serious attention to the economic geography of India’s cities, they would be doing a lot more to prepare for annual weather events like the monsoon. UN Habitat estimates that by 2030 India will have 14 major clusters of cities accounting for 40 per cent of its GDP. Other assessments indicate that nearly 80 per cent of economic production will be in urban areas by that year. […]

Environment Watch – Preparing Indian cities for high water2017-02-13T23:12:49+05:30

Society Watch – Steering India to safer roads


Road accidents in India kill more people than some epidemics, but the Central and the State governments refuse to see it for what it is — a national crisis. The antiquated traffic management and transportation system resulted in 1,50,000 deaths and left more than half a million injured last year, affirming the country’s status as among the riskiest in the world for road users. […]

Society Watch – Steering India to safer roads2017-02-13T23:13:13+05:30

Daily Current Events – 14 June 2016


On wings of fire: Solar plane completes U.S. trip:- The solar-powered airplane on a globe-circling voyage that began more than a year ago in the United Arab Emirates reached a milestone recently when it landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport ,New York. […]

Daily Current Events – 14 June 20162017-02-13T23:13:35+05:30

Daily Current Events – 13 June 2016


Gist of the Recommendations of the Group of Ministers on Road Safety:- *There is chance that question on road safety might come this year in mains.If at all ,a question comes on this – the below recommendations can be helpful to frame better answer. Recommendation:- Rules of Road Regulations to be notified- The Rules of Road Regulation 1989 have become outdated and there is a need to issue fresh regulations in line with the present day requirements […]

Daily Current Events – 13 June 20162016-06-15T06:21:29+05:30

Daily Current Events – 11 June 2016


Scientists turn CO2 into rock to combat climate change:- In a unique experiment, scientists turned carbon dioxide into a stone by pumping it with water underground. Carbon dioxide is a huge menace and probably the only way to fight it is to bury it as deep as possible. […]

Daily Current Events – 11 June 20162016-06-15T05:45:07+05:30
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