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Environment Watch – Water Scarcity and Way Forward – Part 6 (The End)


Conserving the last drop:- This editorials is part of 6 series essay that explores the issues of water scarcity and provide few good case studies. Disclaimer :-  This editorials are given as case studies, although the names of the people are not important from exam point of view, however few datas are important and they are highlighted.Keep  5  things in mind while reading this case study :- Where it is happening – the geographical extent Why it is happening  ? What are the impacts ? What can be the solution ? Here are the 6 parts :- Drilling for their [...]

Environment Watch – Water Scarcity and Way Forward – Part 6 (The End)2017-02-13T22:23:38+05:30

Daily Debate – Contributions of Women .


We are giving this questions as it may immensely help in your examination and giving as part of debate becasue the answers can vary .Do the search now and reap the benefit later 🙂 Write a note on contribution of at least 5 women choosing from the below mentioned fields..And if possible,write about at least 5 organization -international/national that work for women empowerment. Social (Education,Sports,Art etc) Science & Tech Politics Economy History Any other field of your choice […]

Daily Debate – Contributions of Women .2016-05-22T04:44:54+05:30