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The How-To Guide for Good opinion and Good answer


Dear Aspirant, Lately we have received many requests to provide guidance on how to form a good opinion and how to write a good answer. Opinions are vital for this exam , for the simple reason that , they are not only asked in Mains questions but also in Interview . Thus it is important to develop a good opinion.How to do it is a greater question and the way to do it differs from individual to individual. However, we are providing a generalist guide in this regard and you may incorporate them and augment them as you see fit. [...]

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Mains Related Question For the Month of February 2016


Questions are framed from the February 2016 monthly magazine.Go through it to answer the questions better. Answer in 200 words each What is El-Nino and La-Nina ? What are their possible impacts on Indian monsoon ? Supposing that you are a district collector of a drought-hit region, what are the administrative measures you will take to tackle the problem arising out of deficient monsoon. Lately both Ebola and Zika viruses have been posing serious threats to public health across the world.In this context, analyze India’s vulnerability and preparedness to tackle these crises. What is AYUSH ? How the components differ [...]

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Regarding Prelims Test Series


*Note - Applicable only for registered users.However everyone can take a note of it and act accordingly depending on each individual's  preparation stage.   If you have not taken the last Sunday test. Kindly take while it is active. Few things of importance :- 1) If your is score is consistently 60% and above ,it is a good score. However don't take the scores as success. Confidence is good but over-confidence is always harmful.Thus practice as rigorously as you can.A minor mistake can cost dearly. 2) If your is score is below 60%  ,you have to shift gears in your preparation.Scores [...]

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