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PG1 – UPSCTREE Prelims Test Live Now.


Note :- Only applicable to Prelims Test Series registered users. The Prelims Test series -PG1 is live in your portal now.(Password is also provided there) Take the test before 4 March 2016 Thank you UPSCTREE Team

PG1 – UPSCTREE Prelims Test Live Now.2016-02-28T09:28:23+05:30

26 and 27 Feb 2016


Food Security :- Background:-The Economic Survey 2015-16 presented here today in the Parliament by the Union Finance emphasizes that the main aim of food management policy is to provide food security to the population.  Providing food security entails making food available at affordable prices at all times, without interruptions. In order to provide food security, in the current agriculture scenario, India has to focus on supplies which are timely and uninterrupted and affordable for the poor.  Though India’s GDP growth has been impressive and the agricultural production has also increased over the past few decades, hunger and starvation still persist [...]

26 and 27 Feb 20162017-02-13T21:26:47+05:30