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31 JAN 2016 (Sugar Tax, Urbanism and Gandhi,Indian Village and E-Commerce)


Sugar tax may be the bitter pill to cut obesity:- After years of waiting, the World Health Organisation (WHO) finally took a stand on January 25 and urged governments to levy taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages to end childhood obesity. The recommendation was based on a new report commissioned by it. “The Commission believes that there is sufficient rationale to warrant the introduction of an effective tax on sugar-sweetened beverages,” the report notes. […]

31 JAN 2016 (Sugar Tax, Urbanism and Gandhi,Indian Village and E-Commerce)2016-01-31T12:59:45+05:30

26,27,28 ,29,30 JAN 2016


20  cities chosen for first phase of Smart City Programmee :- Background :-The Union government has announced the names of the first 20 urban areas that will be developed as smart cities. These 20 cities will be the first to receive funds, thus starting the process of developing them into ‘smart cities’. The selected cities will be equipped with basic infrastructure, efficient urban mobility and public transport, IT connectivity and e-governance mechanisms. […]

26,27,28 ,29,30 JAN 20162016-01-30T15:31:37+05:30

23 and 25 JAN 2016


  The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond:- Background:- We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society. […]

23 and 25 JAN 20162016-01-26T08:19:16+05:30

Update on ESSAY Demo Test II


We sincerely hope that you are writing or preparing to write the Essay . If you are thinking, whether your essay will be perfect or not – it simply does not matter. If you think , once I read everything then I will write the essay – that day will never come . Hence give up your inhibitions and start writing if you want to clear the exam with a good rank .As this exam is all about writing , one day or other you have to write , better be early than be sorry.   *Regarding the Essay Demo [...]

Update on ESSAY Demo Test II2016-01-22T09:12:30+05:30

21 and 22 JAN 2016


India slips to 89th rank on global talent competitiveness:- The report is released every year on the first day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. […]

21 and 22 JAN 20162016-01-22T08:56:13+05:30

Prelim Demo Test I – Last Chance to Take the test (As requested by Many)


Dear friends, Many of you have wrote to us in order to take the Prelims Demo Test I as you have missed it in the first chance.Given the sheer no of request , we are enabling it now for those of you who had not taken it before.This is the last chance to take the demo.   It is live now.   Steps to take the test :- […]

Prelim Demo Test I – Last Chance to Take the test (As requested by Many)2016-01-20T19:22:06+05:30

19 and 20 JAN 2016


Start UP India :- Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The Government through this initiative aims to empower Startups to grow through innovation and design. Actions Plan:- […]

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16 and 18 JAN 2016


Religious Freedom VS Judicial Activism – Case of Sabarimala Background :- Recently courts of India had come into contrarian positions related to practices related to religions at certain places/sects. One of such case is the entry of women in Sabarimala temple. Recently  Supreme Court declared that it would hear a public interest litigation (PIL) on whether women certain age (10-50) can be denied the right to enter the Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala, Kerala. The bench, in its observation to the Kerala government and the temple authorities, remarked that “unless you have a constitutional right, you cannot prohibit entry. Judgements in [...]

16 and 18 JAN 20162016-01-18T10:25:01+05:30
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