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21 and 22 DEC 2015


1)Culture of Karnataka :- Background – Address by the President of India  at the second Annual Convocation of the Central University of Karnataka . Thought the address itself is not important , however he touched upon few things that are part of our course and culture. Karnataka is a historical land marked by its multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual nature. Buddhism, Jainism, Veera-shaivism or Lingayitism and Islam have flourished here The Vachana Movement, Sufi sain […]

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18 AND 19 DEC 2015


1)Measures to check price rise and hoarding :- Background :-Recently, due to black marketing and hoarding price of certain commodities have sky-rocketed.Usually hoarding was thought of as a localized phenomenon , however , recent trends indicate towards an organized hoarding.In the recent event of Chennai Floods, people have witnessed day-light robbery in  the form of exorbitant price of certain commodities.Hoarders are exploiting the situations such as  calamities and deficient monsoon to benefit themselves. The worrisome fact is that , the benefits are not reaching the farmers , instead it is the middle man who is getting all the benefits.In light [...]

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