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Clarifications regarding MCQS


Dear friends, Kindly  note that , we have received few request to provide explanations for the Daily MCQS. On this regard Please note that :- The MCQS are framed from the daily current events of the day , so most of the answers can be found there.Hence , we request you to read the daily current events before doing the MCQS, which will help you not only score better, but in the process you will revise and get the key points registered through MCQS. Regarding the explanation - we are not giving it now because the answers are already there in [...]

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11 DEC 2015 _ Education ,Eligibility and Election ;Social Security for Farmers


1) Education as an eligibility to contest elections:- News :- The Supreme Court has upheld the Haryana Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Act, 2015 which mandates that only those having minimum educational qualifications will be eligible to contest panchayat elections in the State. What the court says :- The court is of the opinion that basic education would enable the candidates to effectively discharge duties of the panchayat. The court also says that education gives a human being the power to take informed decision […]

11 DEC 2015 _ Education ,Eligibility and Election ;Social Security for Farmers2015-12-11T19:41:27+05:30