20 NOV 2015(LkCa 15, Pushtimarg and Bhakti tradition, Antibiotic Resistance, Housing For All, IBSA-India, Brazil,South Africa)

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1) Birth of a new Planet:- Astronomers have observed for first time a planet taking shape out of microscopic dust particles 450 light years from Earth The primordial process that turns enormous clouds of cosmic dust into [...]

19 NOV 2015 (Drought Assistance, 7th Pay Commission, Interlinking of River)

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1)Center Seeks Memorandum from the States for Providing Drought Assistance  :- News :- In view of sustained dry spell during the last Kharif season, as also in the early Rabi period in some part of the country, the Center has asked the affected [...]

GS I Initiative_Clarification

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Dear Friends, We have given 4 questions as of now for the GS I initiative.Few more questions will be added later. Kindly note that the answer can be submitted on Sunday evening. Many of the aspirants are working professionals. Hence , we are extending the answer writing time for it. Thank you UPSCTREE Team.

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