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30 OCT 2015


1)Draft Aviation Policy:- *Note – The Policy is large and it has some details that are not required to be remembered . What is important is that the terms and the various components associated with Aviation industry, once one knows the components it will be helpful to frame an answer keeping them in mind rather than writing answers  without substance.Hence , we request you to go through the article in detail but remember only the key components.   India has the potential to be among the global top three nations in terms of domestic and international passenger traffic. It has [...]

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India : The geography of history – Part 5


Neolithic Age, origin of Agriculture and Domestication of Animals Neolithic Age : - Domestication of plants and animals has been considered as one of the main characteristic features of the Neolithic stage of culture. The tern Neolithic was coined by Sir John Lubbock in his book Prehistoric Times (first published in 1865). He used this term to denote an Age in which the stone implements were more skillfully made, more varied in form and often polished. Characteristic traits should be considered to represent the Neolithic Culture : »Practice of agriculture »Domestication of animals »Grinding and polishing of stone tools, and also [...]

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Message to Our Readers


Dear Aspirant, As the Civil Services mains examination is around the corner, we are  taking genuine requests from our readers and you may very well send in your request to the below mentioned maid id:- upsctree@upsctree.com Mails us with any help that you may need , and we will try to accommodate it on our site or send in personalized guidance mail. Request may be an essay topic, or ethics paper or ARC report  or any other matter that may help you in your preparation. The request not exclusive for those who will be writing the upcoming Mains exam, any reader [...]

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