ARC – Public Order -Part 1(Problems, Causes, Manifestations and Weaknesses)

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Public order along with the defence of the realm has always been the raison d’etre of the State throughout history. Introduction:- Maintenance of public order and the rule of law is a key sovereign function of the State, as important in its own way as defending the nation from external aggression or maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation State. "wherever law ends, tyranny begins" -Locke There comes a time when a nation has to achieve and ensure long term stability in order to carry out substantial economic and social transformation. India is poised for an economic upsurge that can [...]

27 OCT 2015

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1)  “E-Sahyog” Pilot Project of The Income-Tax Department to Facilitate Taxpayers Aimed at reducing compliance cost, especially for small taxpayers. The objective of “e-Sahyog” is to provide an online mechanism to resolve mismatches in Income-tax returns of those assesses whose returns have been selected for scrutiny, without visiting the Income Tax [...]

India : The geography of history – Part 4

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Hunter-Gatherers : Paleolithic & Mesolithic Age Introduction:- This is the story of our fore fathers.Who used to hunt and gather foods , unlike us , who think that breakfast comes from the near by grocery store.Human societies during more than 99% of their existence on the earth have lived as hunters/gatherers. This means that before human beings started producing food about 10.000 years ago, they lived off the resources of nature.Lets explore what they did, when they did, how they did and where they did . Paleolithic Age:- Palaeolithic Culture developed in the Pleistocene period. The Pleistocene period (about 2 million [...]

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